The Facts About Medline’s Facility In The Town of Montgomery.

What benefits will Medline provide to Montgomery or the community at large?

Medline will provide the following benefits:

  • 700 jobs in Orange County, including:
    • 300+ newly created jobs
    • 340 retained jobs
  • 300 construction jobs
  • Patron support for Montgomery businesses
  • $120 million investment in land, building and equipment
  • A minimum of 2 megawatt of roof top solar panels capable of producing up to 50% of the facilities needed energy
  • A donation of a minimum of $25,000 of medical supplies/equipment per year to Montgomery first responder agencies.
  • A fair share contribution toward the planned upgrade of the sewage treatment plant.
  • Conservative storm water treatment measures at the site to protect the Wallkill River, an improvement to current conditions that allow entirely untreated storm water from the site.
  • Enable Aden Brook Farm to expand its agricultural business up to 950 acres including 475 acres in Montgomery and up to another 475 acres elsewhere in Orange County.