The Facts About Medline’s Facility In The Town of Montgomery.

What is the impact on local and regional agriculture, specifically Aden Brook Farms?

With the sale of the land to Medline, Aden Brook Farms will add 372 additional acres to its agri-business operations in Montgomery. Medline’s conversion of the 103 acres of land used by Aden Brook Farms will be more than replaced locally, and Aden Brook has indicated it has plans for even more acreage acquisition in Orange County in the future — up to a total of 950 acres for farming operations within the County.

The site is within a designated Priority Growth Area of the County, so none of the County’s designated areas for protected Open Space or protected farmland are being used for the project. The amount of prime agricultural land being converted is less than 1 percent of prime agricultural land in the County. The Town of Montgomery has already preserved approximately 2,000 acres of farmland within the Town which is the second highest preservation amount in the County.