The Facts About Medline’s Facility In The Town of Montgomery.

Will Medline’s truck traffic adversely impact or damage properties in the Village of Montgomery?

No. Medline truck traffic will not be permitted to go through the Village of Montgomery and we’ve planned a host of measures to prevent truck traffic from impacting the Village. These measures are detailed in the Environmental Impact Statement for the project.

The prohibition of track traffic through the Village will be enforced by the Town making it a condition of Medline’s use of the property and we also will work to enforce that with our drivers.

The commitment remains even in the event of a closure of 416 at Neelytown Road in which event Medline trucks will be routed to 211 into Middletown. In the highly unlikely event that 211 and Neelytown both are closed (projected 1x in every 50 years), Medline will cut back on operations and only use 211 through the Village if required to meet immediate emergency supply needs of healthcare providers in its service area. Such use will be done in conjunction with local and State Police coordination. There will be no damage to Village properties from Medline truck traffic because no truck traffic is permitted to traverse the Village. Vibration analysis within the Village further demonstrates no damage even if truck traffic were permitted to go into the Village.

Furthermore, Medline will upgrade at its own expense known and pre-existing road safety conditions in the Neelytown Road corridor and vicinity.