The Facts About Medline’s Facility In The Town of Montgomery.

Will the Medline building be visible from miles around?

The Medline building will have limited visibility. The building is slated to be located on the far east portion of the property, set far back from Route 416. The design will reduce roadside visibility as will the additional landscaping proposed.

The site plan uses a combination of fencing and ample landscaping to reduce and minimize visibility of the building. The building will be screened from view of the African-American cemetery as well.

View of the building will be substantially obstructed from the closest residences to the property, and strategically placed evergreen trees may block visibility of the entirety of the building. The building will not be visible from the closest residential properties in the Village of Montgomery and will be partially visible from the intersection of Canning Road and SR416. From Thomas Bull Memorial park the view of the building will be mostly of existing vegetation and topography with small portions visible in the far distance.